Change Plus Programme Holds Meeting in European Parliament 
On Tuesday, September 26th, Change agents and Change Champions from France, Germany and The Netherlands came together for a meeting in the European Parliament hosted by MEP Julie Ward and MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt.
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UEFGM Coordination Meeting Rome   The Change Plus Project 
In July, members participating in the development and implementation of UEFGM gathered in Rome for the final coordination meeting of the UEFGM project. Here, members reviewed figures of the web knowledge platform dissemination and discussed next steps for the final breadth of the project. Following this, a social media campaign has just recently been launched, backed by the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, putting a focus on each 11 featured countries in order to highlight the extent to which this issue affects women and girls living in Europe.For the updates, follow the UEFGM platform’s social media channels on Facebook Twitter. Registration is now open for the final conference of the CHANGE Plus project. On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2017, TERRE DES FEMMES organises together with seven European partners the final conference of the CHANGE Plus project. The final conference brings together FGM activists, community members, policymakers, key professionals and researchers to exchange experiences and to evaluate the impact of the CHANGE Plus project as well as to discuss the outcome of the strategies for the eradication of female genital mutilation across the European Union
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FSAN Updates Forward UK Updates GAMS BE Updates
Recently, FSAN attended a dialogue meeting in Norway, Oslo, to give a presentation on their work and experiences with FGM. The meeting, organised by the Ministry of health in Norway focused on FGM,  forced marriage and negative social control. Central in the message of the presentation of fsan was the "importance of 'Grassroots' work: from the community to the institutions." Read about theTuwezeshe Fellowship Training – Young Women Trained to be Leaders, Uncomfortable Conversations – Using Music to Speak to Communities about FGM & Self Care and Responding to FGM: CDP & OCN Accredited Training on FGM for Professionals and Frontline Staff (London, 26th October 2017) here Read all about GAMS BE Community of Practice on FGM, Men Speak Out report: "Men have a role to play but they don’t play it: A mixed methods study exploring men’s involvement in FGM" and the new publication 'THE SUN CAN NEVER DRY LAUNDRY IF IT'S KEPT IN THE SHADE' here.
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AIDOS Updates Lebkom Updates Ihmisoikeusliito Updates
In June, AIDOS and Plan Italy organised a seminar in Milan on FGM and girls’ rights presenting both the UEFGM web knowledge platform and the UNFPA/UNICEF supported project “Building Bridges between Africa and Europe to tackle FGM/C". Read more about upcoming  projects implemented by AIDOS involving the ICF and UNHCR here  LebKom is starting a nationwide campaign entitled 'More protection for girls and women endangered by female genital mutilation in Africa'. There will be readings all over Germany from 'Desert Flower (FGM) is not inevitable – the Kisii, KNOWLEDGE and CHANGE'. The launch will be on the International Day of the Girl Child, 11 October 2017. Read more LebKom updates here. The Finnish League for Human Rights coordinates an FGM network which includes representatives from the National Police Board, Immigration Services and reception centres, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Ombudsman for children as well as different CSO's. Read more updates from Ihmisoikeusliito here.
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More Members News Updates! What Can You Do? 
Check out more updates from our members across Europe and all their latest end FGM work and activities. End FGM EU appreciates your support. Check out our 'what can you do' page for more info on how you can help support our work in ending FGM!
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European Parliament Vote to Approve The Report on the EU Accession to the Istanbul Convention Council of Europe Committee of Ministers Calls for Effectively Preventing and Combating Female Genital Mutilation and Forced Marriage
Members of the European Parliament welcome the signing of the EU accession of the Istanbul Convention on 13 June 2017 in the interim report adopted on Tuesday by 489 votes to 114 and 69 abstentions. They make the following call for action. On September 13th 2017, the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers called on member states to step up efforts to prevent and combat female genital mutilation and forced marriage across Europe, as it adopted a guide on good practices.

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Upcoming Events 

International Day of The Girl Child: Meeting in the European Parliament: "How Can Integrated Child Protection Systems Help Girls at Risk or Survivors of FGM: from policies to practices" hosted by MEP Mary Honeyball. More info here

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