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Building Bridges Seminar!
On May 30th, the End FGM European Network held the “Building bridges between the EU and countries of origin” seminar in Brussels. Read more and view the presentations & videos from the Building Bridges Seminar below.
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End FGM EU will deliver the next EIGE study on estimating girls at risk of FGM
GOOD NEWS: In cooperation with the ICF and End FGM Network members, End FGM EU will deliver the next EIGE study on estimating girls at risk from FGM. The aim of the study is contribute to the achievement of the objective in EIGE’s Strategic Framework on Combating Violence Against Women 2015-2018 and meet the goal of undertaking regular FGM risk and trend assessments and ensuring the comparability of data across the EU by applying a standard methodology.
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39 NEW FGM KEY FIGURES! Community of Practice on FGM  Theatre play and New Report
On the 11th and 18th of March 2017, FSAN hosted two important training sessions in Amsterdam where 39 new key-figures were trained for the very first time on FGM. GAMS Belgium have recently launched a new 'Community of Practice on FGM' platform network bringing together professionals from Africa and Europe to improve the quality of prevention and support for women / girls affected by FGM Worldwide.

The African diaspora community developed and performed a theatre production 'Uncomfortable Conversations in a Foreign Land'. The project was done in partnership with FORWARD and Grinnell College with a number of FORWARD’s Community Champions taking part. 
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Trainings and Awareness Activities Video Production Workshop in Burkina Faso Empirical Study on FGM
In Navarra, MDM has organized awareness activities with young people in three secondary schools. Sessions were held by professionals in the field of sanitation and social work. One male-focused group with men of African origin participated in an extensive workshop on how to prevent violence against women. As part of part of the UNFPA - UNICEF FGM joint Program to end the practice of fgm by "building bridges" among young people, professionals, organizations and communities in Africa and Europe,AIDOS organised a training workshop in Burkina Faso on the production of videos to promote the abandonment of FGM. Read End FGM Ambassador Djenab Diallos account of the experience here.   Lebkom e.V. contributed to an empirical study on the 'Elimination of FGM' together with members of Integra, the German Network. In 2017 LebKom e.V. will be providing educational events about development for children and teachers in the schools of East Hessen.
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UEFGM Launch in Portugal UEFGM Platform & CEPOL Organise Webinar New circular Presented
APF organized the National Launch Event of the UEFGM European Knowledge Platform on the 22nd March.
Around 70 participants, from 6 main professional areas attended the event including health services, local authorities, school boards, justice and police departments, child protection authorities, universities, affected community organizations and the Media.
A seminar was co-organised by CEPOL and UEFGM to raise awareness on the role of law enforcement, the police and the justice system in the fight against FGM.
Christina Kaili, Project Coordinator at the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, was invited on the Kaleid ‘her’ scope show where she led a discussion on the global prevalence of FGM and the significance of training professionals. Listen to interview here.
On the 5th of May, a new circular was presented in Belgium. This circular, issued by the Public Prosecutor, introduces a new criminal policy for honour based violence, FGM and forced marriages. The goal is to have a more coherent and specific approach for this type of violence, to enhance knowledge of police and justice actors, and to ensure that these acts of violence are prosecuted. INTACT will be organising training for police and justice actors on the basis of this new circular.
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Campaign Open Your Eyes on FGM Report about asylum procedure in Greece Activist Farah Gabdon, Poem "Woman"
Since May 2017, TERRE DES FEMMES has been running a media campaign entitled 'Open Your Eyes on FGM' with images and short videos for social media dissemination.Information also available on the TDF website. AITIMA released a report regarding the asylum procedure in Greece. The report addresses the quality of the asylum procedure particularly in relation to the women victims of violence (domestic violence, rape, 
The Finnish League for Human Rights, a new member of the network, presents the poem "Woman" by Farah Gabdon
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End FGM European Network at the European Development Days!
End FGM Ambassador Fatima Awil was one of four panelists at this years European Development Days that took place in Brussels May 7-8. The Panel 'Investing in Youth to End Gender Based Violence' was chaired by Kekeli Kpognon (Forward UK & The Girl Generation). Click here to watch some panel highlights . Click here for photos of the talk. 
European Consensus on Development Great News! The EU decides to sign the Istanbul Convention
Within the European Development Days, the European Union and its Member States signed the European Consensus on Development, a non-legally binding framework on how to implement the internationally agreed  Sustainable Development Goals in EU external policy. On the 13th of June 2017, the Commissioner Jourová signed the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and girls (Istanbul Convention) in Strasbourg.
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News: End FGM European Network 
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