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In the lead up to International Women's Day, the End FGM EU Network have been running an online fundraiser to further the efforts of our cause. Help us with our mission to eradicate female genital mutilation by raising your voice to end FGM and DONATE HERE
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UEFGM Officially Launches  The Change Plus Project 
The knowledge platform for professionals has now launched in several countries across Europe! Professionals in the fields of health, education, media, asylum, law enforcement, social and child protection can now access training in eight languages. The platform will launch in Portugal, UK and Cyprus in the upcoming months. You can already access the platform and start your training now! 
The partners of the Change Plus project met in London on 24th February to discuss their latest actions in promoting behaviour change towards the abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in practising communities across the EU. Training of Change Agents is progressing in Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands and France. Watch this video created by the Change Agents in Hamburg themselves!
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FSAN coverage of the 6th of Feb Second End FGM Ambassador Training Weekend  MIGS Lecture
FSAN Celebrates International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation. Read/watch coverage from FSANs activities below.  End FGM EU Network hosted its second End FGM Ambassadors training weekend which ran March 3rd and 4th.  On International Women’s Day, the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies is hosting a lecture entitled: “Litigating for freedom, for power, for love: Strategies for global leaders” .
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UEFGM Launch & ActionAid Partnership Welcoming LESSAN Change Agents Campaign 
To mark 2017 International Women’s Day themed- #BeboldforChange, AkiDwA has decided to ‘be bold’ in REACHINGOUT & SPEAKINGOUT! as part of their actions to #EndFGM in Ireland and through strong Awareness -Raising -Campaign involving Professionals, Institutions and Communities to #Prevent, #Protect, Prosecute and #support .  The End FGM EU Network is delighted to announce its most recent full member LESSAN. Lessan is a non-profit organization dedicated to the integration and cultural exchange between young people with an immigration background.Lessan acts in the communities against FGM: "Fighting FGM through social and professional integration of those affected" Equilibres & Populations did a communication campaign on social networks about change agents' commitments in the framework of Change Plus project. The profile of one change agent has been published every day during one week, starting on February the 6th for the international day of zero tolerance against FGM. 
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Médicos Coverage of the the 6th of Feb AIDOS Strikes for Women's Rights Responding to FGM: Empowering Professionals & Frontline Staff 

WATCH: Experts and cultural mediators Romeo Gbaguidi and Hodan Sulaman discuss ending FGM in Spain in an interview with Planeta Futuro. View more posts here AIDOS goes on strike today to march for women's rights. Read more about their activities of today listed in their news post below.  Read about Forwards upcoming End FGM training for professionals and frontline staff here. Forward UK also joint-hosted with the End FGM EU Network, the Pan European conference: "Tackling FGM in Schools" on February 23rd. Review conference highlights from Forwards twitter feed below. 
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EU Developments  European Coalition to End Violation against Women & Girls
The Advisory Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men released an opinion on combatting female genital mutilation and other harmful practices.

The Council of the EU adopted EU guidelines for the promotion and protection of the rights of the child. 
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Upcoming Events 
The Network will take part in the launch of the UEFGM web knowledge platform for professionals in Lisbon on 22nd March, organised by APF. The

The Network will participate in the Council of Europe Human Rights Steering Committee drafting group meeting 28-31 March on FGM and forced marriage. The drafting group will finalise the Guide to good and promising practices aimed at combating and preventing female genital mutilation and forced marriage. 
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